Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hello, World.

I'm now here. Back to doing my own laundry, doing my own lunch and doing the bloody dishes as well. I'm back in England.

And I'm miserable as hell.

I don't know. Someone is always casting an evil spell on me. I nearly missed the plane ha! ha! The airline reception has been screaming for my name... And I didn't have a clue. But oh, maybe that was a blessing. The lady by the booth changed my boarding pass to businness class... Lovely. Got 360 degree reclining chair and vodka tonics every half an hour or so.

That didn't stop me from having terribly horrid little naps though.

Because: Day before my flight back, we had a terrible road accident.

We were going back to Iloilo from Capiz... And our car ran over a man - Oh yes, a breathing human being in the middle of the road. My father was driving and bizarrely, his initial reaction was to flee... First time I have seen him panicked and about to have a nervous breakdown... I couldn't imagine my own Pops doing a hit and run.

I screamed as loud as I could to stop the f ***ing car!!!

I ran back to help some locals carry this obviously passed out human body into the back of the car never minding really, whether we were causing further injury to the man... I suppose calling for an ambulance would be really stupid in the middle of nowhere in the third world. I was doing neuro assessment stuff as best as I could while screaming at my Dad not to step heavily on the gas pedal in case we ran over another live object or a really massive running vehicle and make a huge mess on the road. After a while, my patient regained consciousness and I started asking him questions which drew out some really stupid responses... Okay, the guy had a really huge [maybe 8 cm] gash at the back of his skull and oozing bright red blood saturating my new pair of jeans and heck! even my boxers. It was like:

Eyes - spontaneous.
Motor - squeezing my hands really tight and obeying commands.
Verbal - a lot of crap.

This was happening while the car was doing tailspins. I wished I was in my usual controlled environment. Only after some really hellish driving and cursing did we manage to get into the E.R. of a really decent hospital after the town. I would say they have such lovely staff. Well, they were a little bit mellow but I guess it’s that time of day. Siesta or something. I had to constantly remind them that I am not a bloody doctor… even after I had some gloves on and stuck my nose on my really really confused patient's mouth for a whiff of alcohol ( I wan’t to know if he is drunk ) then whacked him with a full blast of oxygen. After another round of Glasgow, my suspicion became true. My chap is mental. He should have been in a psycho ward and not running round to self destruct. I went out for some fresh air while the authorities were taking a blotter report from my father which I wasn’t really keen to listen to, to be honest. So I just bought some really flash slippers and duds for my new friend.

I discovered another problem in the afternoon when my friend's family finally appeared. I was told that he won’t take the pills. Like a flashing bulb that you hit from a help menu screen:

How is he gonna take them antibiotics?

I called my sister who happens to be a wicked shrink.

And so this is how I had my weekend and how I had this pretty nasty leaving do any amount of pampering by the pretty airline stewardess can't help to alleviate. My only consolation is that I got my new friend now pretty much settled in a mental facility.


not enough. nostrum. consume. the threshold. stench of foot. blood. all over the place. reeks. of havoc. people shrieking. nebulizer. not working. smithereens. splintered images. have ear. marks of matisse. patience as an art form. shambles. his fantasy. to kill.



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