Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mad, mad.

“When the person prays, the prefrontal cortex is focused on the words. The left lobe processes information about our position in space and time. It gives us the idea that we have a distinct physical body. When the parietal lobe shuts down, we can no longer distinguish between our self and the rest of the world. As a result, the subject believes that he or she is in contact with the timeless and infinite power of God. It feels like a spiritual experience, but it’s really just a neurological illusion.”

I just read this book by John Twelve Hawks called: “The Traveller"

And it is really mad fiction. Take note: Fiction. But I'm not trying to avoid dissing someone's religious sensibilities here. Make no mistake. The cover will tell you that it is the new “Da Vinci Code”, but I think it is actually more engrossing. A cross between Masamune Shirows’ “Ghost in the Shell” if you like Japanese cyberpunk manga, or ‘The Matrix’, I can understand if some people would compare it to that movie as most of it was taken from the Japanese anime and George Orwell’s “1984” if you’re serious with your books. Sorry. I have been reading a lot of ‘trashy’ novels lately, but I can say that trash is good.

The author could have added a bit of Michelangelo’s painting of the “Creation” in Sistine chapel to illustrate his “God is a creation of our neurological system” theory.

God superimposed on the mid-sagittal outline of the human brain.
id blog

"The Creation of Adam fresco shows Adam and God reaching toward one another, arms outstretched, fingers almost touching. One can imagine the spark of life jumping from God to Adam across that synapse between their fingertips. However, Adam is already alive, his eyes are open, and he is completely formed; but it is the intent of the picture that Adam is to "receive" something [life/knowledge/spirit] from God."

The Brain of Creation

It has posed some controversial issues regarding which one is the creator. God or Adam?

Does Michelangelo just like Da Vinci had some issues with the church?
Si vis pacem para bellum! Pope Benedict XVI has wittingly or unwittingly joined the politico-religious mayhem. Check out Hillblogger's take on the latest religious extremism.
So, which is mad?
Religion or science. Any of the two can blind you. Take your own poison.
Although, it is not fair that people always refer to UFO believers as nerds and weirdos, as when you think about it, the universe is a vast space with perhaps millions, if not billions of potentially livable planets that may actually have life-forms with more brains than the rest of us, whilst those who believe in an invisible all powerful being from the sky are feared and venerated.
infection. the almost sterile. sanitised climate. of the white tiled room. belies. the bleaker side. just as the fetid odour. of the amputated. diabetic leg. reflects. deformities. should perish. derived pain. mollified. by anaesthetic. more potent. than. the opium. healed. the spirit. what the high priests. have. which the people don't. when they make. revolutions. to cure aberration.

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Blogger HILLBLOGGER & Hillblogger Jr said...

Hi Howling,

I really like your blog, so funny too.

Your intro is very literary in its "hilarity."

Keep up the good work.

Our friends in Pinas must read your blog coz you provide the right measure of insight into life in the UK for Pinoy expats there as well as the fun... a rarity in our blogging midst, as one might say!

Cheers and loads of kudos.

By the way, how's your Dad, any post accident trauma?

4:05 AM  
Blogger howling said...

Thank you Anna for the kudos and all... You are so kind. My dad is doing really well, and he is driving again. He is still so confident on the road, which I think at 77, he ought to give up his driver's licence. But he's a proud old bugger. The patient's injury has also healed and has come out of hospital.

4:37 AM  
Blogger Nina permata sari said...

.....NICE…. ^_^v…..


10:15 AM  

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