Thursday, October 19, 2006

I See Red

I was happily sipping my ‘fair trade’ brewed coffee when I walked past the beverage counter and found: Diet Coke – * free songs on iTunes with this pack. I did a double take and whoa - grabbed one from the fridge. The thing with labels that are often preceded by an asterisk symbol is that they always have a nasty small print at the bottom – the catch. Once they managed to charm you with their twirly bold text that promise other worldly consumer item other than the rubbish that you are actually consuming, comes the actual terms of acquisition of the said consumer product: normally it would ask you to cough up more cash which defeats the meaning of the word ‘free’ they like to stick on their merchandise to boost sale.

You know what they’re like: all marketers are liars and all companies regardless what their company logo or names appear ie: LibEyes, Proctor & Gambler, Tammie Bleeding He'llFigure whatever, Jewish, Christian, Islam – they are all heathen: meaning not acknowledging your own God - kind of liars. Anyway, this one is easy. What Coke only wants is a valid email address. Offer limited to residents of Great Britain and access to specified hardware and software to use iTunes.

So that in the course of the three days I was working and eating rubbish food at the hospital cafeteria, I managed to accumulate three ‘stickies’ with song codes I could use to download music and fill up my thirsty ipod. Then the realization:

Hell. I’m feeding the ipod instead of myself and pumping my nervous system with enough aspartame [ artificial sweetener ] to bugger my brain in making complex processes that logic demands. Got to wake up and smell my own ‘fair trade’ coffee and make another poor peasant somewhere in the planet a peanut richer and wonder:

1. Does buying free trade actually make a difference to third world farmers? Same us having a Red American Express Card help eradicate Africa of Aids?

2. Or is it just another marketing tool to fuel consumerism?

Amex UK

Suddenly, my tummy felt queasy.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

I had cappuccino and hummed my favourite song by Joe Jackson:

No caffeine, No protein, No booze or Nicotine
Don't work hard, Don't play hard, Don't plan for the graveyard
Everything, Everything gives you cancer
There's no cure, there's no answer.

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Anonymous tobs said...

Charm works out the same way in all respects, I guess. Just look at Hitler's charm. (although he may not look charming at all, mind, he swayed millions of people by the mere art of rhetoric.) And what you get in return is an allusion to God's sending of the Jews to hell. They're both genocidal, but we praise God and we curse Hitler. (What is up with the hitler topic??o_0 that sounds pretty queer from a rection to a coke ad.) there's always something to learn in the end..err. wtf.

can you sing jackson's thriller?? hahahaha i love that song [though love wouldn't be an apt term. whatev.]

1:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stayed in the corporate hell of telemarketing for almost two years. Don't worry, I take no offense. Whatever brings home the bacon was how we used to say it back then.

Yeah, we had this tendency to shape the truth to our advantage. Nothing bites the truth any closer than that one.

Har, cheers!

8:40 PM  
Blogger howling said...

Ey tobey!!! Thought you're somewhere 'sa inuman' getting pissed, Ha ha... it helps to free your mind he he, but no you haven't digress, more than anything you brought clarity to the subject. We are all charmed by Superman - Hitler, Ghandi, Michael Jackson or whoever superstar or demagogue you can think of... Nietzsche once said, albeit "we have made our way from worm to man... much in us is still worm." They can make us weave silk, they can make us dance. We seem to live in a virtual version of reality. I don't know, you're the philosopher. In the end, all that's left are allusions.

And yes!!! I walked on the moon before I started learning how to read.

4:23 AM  
Blogger howling said...

Blimey. momel sorrrry mate!!! But I know you won't be offended. You have a similar rant somewhere in your blog. he he he... read all of it.

But don't we all lie for the Man? It's called work and having something to get by. like one giant food chain. Besides, what is the truth and what is a lie? Sun Tzu is dead: We can no longer know the enemy or ourselves... We are but a product of this truth or lie. Ha ha ha!!! This is now becoming like a 'cheesy' pseudo-science-philosophy movie. I'm beginning to sound like Morpheus talking to Trinity or Darna. Mad.


4:43 AM  
Blogger Insurgente said...

Coca-Cola é uma empresa que produz várias desgraças, reprime e impede a organização de seus trabalhadores em sindicatos, rouba água dos países e detém o monopólio das bebidas... Além de ser péssima para a saúde. No Brasil temos uma enorme variedade de frutas, que além se serem ótimas para a saúde são deliciosas para suco. Pena que as terras da pessoas estão sendo roubadas e estas não podem plantar e a agricultura está sendo dominada pelos negócios, no supermercado as frutas são caras e poucos tem acesso...

9:04 AM  

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