Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Day After Night of the Living Dead

Woke up rather dazed and confused this morning. Been out the whole night before Halloween Day partying: “Deadman’s Party - Come As Your Favourite Contraceptive”. Lots of aging hippies in inappropriate Goth get up. Cheap booze and bizarrely, expensive grub. Not exactly haute cuisine but rather a bland mish-mash of terribly hideous and greasy vegetable samosas, chicken fritters – the type you’d get from a cheap Indian takeaway. And onion baji as hors d’oeuvre. Yuckity yuck.

Wrong: What’s the point of the theme? I’ve never seen anyone wearing a pill box boob tube to pop your fingers with whilst dancing to “Let’s Go To Bed” by The Cure. Or anyone brave enough to wear a condom over his head. Where’s the pounding yet equally depressing Heavy Metal music?

Right: It was indeed a Deadman’s Party. Everyone is either dead or a zombie. I was sitting next to an apathetic bore or asshat without any sense of imagination. Or a smidgen of humour. Dead or alive. Simultaneously.

Like Schrödinger's cat:

“A paradox of quantum mechanics. There’s a cat in a box with a pointed gun at it and the shot is triggered by the weight of a single atom. If the gun doesn’t go off, the cat lives. If the shot is fired, the cat dies. But quantum theory says every atom exists simultaneously in decayed and undecayed states. So the gun fires and the gun doesn’t fire and the cat exists in two states, simultaneously: alive and dead.” Got this from “Electric” a book I was reading last week.

Or a vegetable:

A rather derogatory term most people self-consciously try to avoid to label a long overdue patient dependent on life support - hospital geeks would like to call as ‘breathing machine’ waiting to be freed from a life of opiate induced stupor, torture from chemical restraints and being forced fed with blenderized complex compound of gooey stuff through the tube wishing for a merciful anaesthetist to do a brain stem test. A rather sad, sad state your conscience constantly wrangle with in silence. Is life or death worth fighting for?

Or a job burnout:

You love saving lives but there’s just too much death. You end up getting depressed and frustrated and confused. So many people perhaps don’t realize just how demanding the life of an ICU nurse is - that everyday you are routinely involved with life or death decisions literally. Death is what you have for breakfast, lunch and aftenoon tea. You will eventually succumb to being powerless and helpless. This is interesting:
"We must believe we are potent, that we have the power to influence what happens to us. I say "believe" because how we see the world exerts a significant impact upon one's susceptibility to burnout. Believing that you can't control what happens to you and feeling helpless is one of the most threatening human experiences. Any time you believe the world uncontrollable, you are in trouble. Research suggests, for example, that Voodoo deaths may be caused because the victims believed they were helpless. Many concentration-camp prisoners seemed to have died of helplessness. They were told and believed that the environment - the guards - had total power over them. Based on his own experience, Bruno Bettleheim, a renowned psychologist who survived one of the worst Nazi death camps, says that it was when people gave up trying to influence what happened to them that they became walking corpses."
I drank quite a lot of lager. No red wine, as I had gout. I asked my self:
Why on earth am I here?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

“Deadman’s Party - Come As Your Favourite Contraceptive”.

Good gawd! I really thought you were just kidding about the theme! OMFG LOL!

I’ve never seen anyone wearing a pill box boob tube to pop your fingers with whilst dancing to “Let’s Go To Bed” by The Cure. Or anyone brave enough to wear a condom over his head.

That's bullshit. Who died and made these people the most idiotic of all retards on the face of the universe?

Still, I'm turning green with envy! You gots to go out and partay the night away!

So what were you donning then? Don't tell me you were the only guy who showed up wearing this HUGE choco-flavored contraceptives!

Hahaha! I dig the Schrödinger part. That's probably the most insulting slash perfect way to describe that party. Bloody brilliant.

Ooooh! Vegetable! I'm a vegan, you know! Ok, that's way too out of topic.

Job burnout, huh? Have you been experiencing that lately? Brush it off! I mean, you make a whole lot of moolahs out there! Take advantage! But still, NOT being down with what you're currently up to is probably the shittiest feeling there is. Do whatever floats your boat, instead. :-)

7:41 AM  
Blogger howling said...

"So what were you donning then? Don't tell me you were the only guy who showed up wearing this HUGE choco-flavored contraceptives!"

Naaah. Thanks talamasca!!!I went wearing this fuddy-duddy [ got this word from you - LOL ] slash dorkie black vintage T Shirt ala Michael Stipe from REM that says: "Save Sex - Don't Wear a Condom" which meethinks is rather lame. To make up for it - caused major mayhem on the dance floor complete with perfect moonwalk and nerdie 80's stylee strut moves. Until: I noticed I was the only one dancing or knocked off a lot of beer bottles on the table... I can't remember. What a wanker. HAHAHA!!!

And oh yeah, [ talking 'bout burnout and stuff ] I feel shitty lately. But who knows where the wind blows...

8:36 AM  
Anonymous muddybanks42 said...

i linked-in here via Twisted in case you're wondering.

No more Schrodinger cats please. That's been analysed to death as a thought experiment to illustrate Quantum Indeterminacy, but has no relevance to anything you feel at the moment.

It's a nice thought experiment though.

Seems you're having a emo moment provoked by goth. Get over it.

"Life is wasted on the living."

6:09 PM  
Blogger Alternati said...

I never thought of having a favorite contraceptive. LOL... "Yes ribbed condom I like you but IUD is my fave".

I would have gone as calendar. hah!
I wonder how one can translate coitus interruptus into a costume... hmmm.

I think people in comas aren't far from awake people stuck on a deserted island. Survival is primal.

I'm assuming you're in a medical profession... my only knowledge of medicine comes from Meredith Grey, Gregory House and Gil Grissom. haha... My hemophobia never allowed me to pursue any medical career.

Why were you there? you were the cat... the party was the gun... I'm figuring out what the atom is. OK.. i'm reaching...

8:08 PM  
Blogger howling said...

Oi!!! @ muddybanks42:Thanks for 'blog crashing' [ another geek word I learnt from talamasca - LOL ].. Pardon me about the cats. I can't help it. They're pretty much everywhere, used to death in all forms of scientific experiments along with the chimps, dogs and guinea pigs. Horrible. Why not use dolphins? Because they make so much money in Hollywood and all of them tacky Florida theme parks?

But cats are also exploited by the music biz - there's the Atomic Kittens, Pussy Bloody Cat Dolls and of course, the musical: Cats. The least they could do is pay them royalty money for all the anguish and mental cruelty.

But actually, I've yet to see a cat being suspended on a harness injected with obscene loads of obscure chemicals for medical trial. It was a harmless thought experiment so they shouldn't really moan, or meow.

I think it's quite cool to throw in some swish stuff on your plate once in while: like croissant / krwaa'song even if it's flawed and you don't really fancy eating it.

You are sooo right on that last bit.

Cheerio. I love reading your work.

4:43 AM  
Blogger howling said...

alternati.. Howdy.

You got loads of splendid ideas. Going as a bloody calendar. HAHAHA!!! Tell me about it.

"I wonder how one can translate coitus interruptus into a costume... hmmm."

Crikey. You made me think there. I suppose, you can look really 'withdrawn' which thinking about it, is what pretty much everyone else in that party is wearing. OMFG, LOL!!!

The atom is... I have no bleeding idea.


5:02 AM  
Anonymous may said...

and hopefully, even when the confusion of death and life continue to haunt you, you will find THE answer to your last question...

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Claire said...

The party sounded like it was a pretty good one. I've never been to a fancy-dress party so can only imagine how it all ended up looking!

9:24 AM  
Blogger howling said...

Oh, hi may.. Thanks for reminding me.

I know I had quite a lot of rubbish in my bladder when I asked myself that question and probably didn't mean to be that profound... But yeah: why?

Now I wished I didn't ask. It's like asking for the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything which I know even 'Deep Thought' the supercomputer can only come up with "42" as the answer.

Your insight on 'fellow filipino nurses' is very, very interesting. Personally, I feel really angry when someone takes the piss on my culture and heritage, but not at a point where someone would actually lose a job because of it. That person who got sacked was definitely a victim of political correctness gone really, really mad.

Ooppss. I'm really supposed to post this on your blog.


11:39 AM  
Blogger howling said...

Hello there, claire.. it wasn't really that exciting as it sounds. If only all the nurses and docs in my unit were invited and turned up in their uniforms instead...

Now, that would have been an interesting 'Holby City' moment.


12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like your blog because there's almost always an interesting word, idea, or a concept in any given entry. Introduced for the most part, why not? I'm not that well-versed with medical terms, and I like knowing how such terms are used.

Colostomy is still my favorite medical term.

Ha haa!

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuddy-duddy. I got that from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Love that show to bits.

'Blog crashing' is not g33ky! Hell no!

Oh, and labiaplasty rox my sox.


1:03 AM  
Anonymous tobey said...

i love the pussy part. i mean the cat. me lovey schrodinger; he's the one who said that life is a pendulum that swings between misery and boredom, which is quite right and quite wrong at the same time. I mean, taken from the perspective of pessimists of course, they'd always have their reasons to define "life" in a philosophic highfalutin escapist way. Sucks bananas but it's music to the ears. happy halloween! hahaha belated anyway

6:17 AM  

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