Monday, February 12, 2007

Pardon, Je Descends Ici

Tried to cram in all the best bits of Paris in one day, but failed. I really thought I already mastered the Metro (the city's own version of underground tube or the subway) from the 2 other visits I did of Paris in the past, but still got lost and almost ended up in an unknown town very far from the city. By just scuttling off the intricate rail transport network ad libitum, we unwittingly got on Réseau Express Régional - a commuter train that takes you to unpronounceable faraway French suburbs.

After nearly memorising all of Ooh La's pretty, pretty loops and jangly guitars from The Kooks 'Inside In Inside Out' album, we managed to get back to Châtelet Les Halles in the heart of Paris - apparently the world's largest underground subway station, and arguably the world's busiest: second only to Shinjuku in Tokyo. By the time we got out of the tunnel and seen the light, the weather is already a bit grumpy and temperamentally unsympathetic. Good thing that the five day travel-pass allows you to just hop in and out of any form of transport: bus, subway, boats etc. Otherwise - my carefully messed up hotel-room-dried fringe would have wilted, and I would have ended up looking like a wet salmon soused overnight in bad marinade.

"Whoa!" That robot stuck on the glass panel is supposed to clean the museum. "I can't wait to get in!" Then I noticed the sign. The Louvre is apparently closed on a Tuesday. The girlfriend was amazed I could read and understand French. She didn't see the English small print. "Oh, darn!" Just what we needed. Not that I've not seen that famous muse of da Vinci yet - but after reading the Dan Brown novel, I just so wanted to see her again. Never mind the long queue and the horrible eau de cologne tourists had a bad habit to slap their mug with. Web geek abbreviation of the day: MALPT! "Merde A La Puissance Treize!" which is "Shit to the thirteenth power" in unsophisticated Anglaise chav-speak. We also didn't have the time to see:

Le Musée d’Orsay
Sacré Coeur
Le Pantheon
La Conciergerie
The Eiffel Tower

Actually got to the four legs of the Eiffel. Then the skies pelted us with hailstones the size of pitted prunes. What a shame.

[ more of my lovely pics of Paris here ]

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Blogger Jasmin said...

wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow - how do say that in web geek term? hehe

7:08 AM  
Blogger aCey said...

coolness! wanna go to paree when one day... maybe on a february so i can find a hot "garcon" (is that even right?) i can spend valentine's day with. haha! happy valentine's howwwwling!

8:18 PM  
Blogger vernaloo said...

Hey Howling. Glad your back!

Sounds like you went to this beautiful place and did not like it hehehehe Oh well like what they say, it's not the place it's who you're with.

4:52 PM  
Blogger Talamasca said...

Lovely photos! Weeee!

Whoa you didn't get to see all those landmarks? Bollocks!!!

But you had a blast, right? :-?

3:05 AM  
Anonymous Shari said...

Yikes! Too bad. But I think you still got an eyeful. :)

BTW, you scare me. You saw through "nothing, okie". Haha!

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Pining said...

Hiya! So you're back from the most romantic city in the world ; too bad the Louvre is closed but nevermind.. I think Mona Lisa is over rated anyway, he he..
Important thing is you enjoyed your holiday and lovely photos by the way :-)

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Ferdz said...

Hey welcome back! The hot air balloon is found at Clark Pampanga and held every year early Feb.

Wow! You're touring Paris now. The subway does look busy. Can't wait for more pics!

6:15 PM  

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