Saturday, April 04, 2009

My Fridge

I reckon the time has come for this blog to come to an end. I have tried to be funny, smart and crucially relevant, but for the first time since I began posting my entries, I have completely and utterly lost the will to continue. As you may have noticed, the gaps in-between updates are becoming more and more tenacious. The most recent ones unmistakably show how bored I am.

I want to go out more. Go to a museum or a cinema. Or even just chill at home. Cook some food, read a book, whatever.

I still want to be funny, and to some degree smart and all that other crap, but every time I read what I have written here, I am compelled to be miserable and a little bit ‘hissy’ if there is such a word. Maybe it’s the black template.

But I like the template.

And If I change it, it may not sit comfortably with the posts. I may as well delete the whole thing, which I would rather not do at the moment.

I want to take it easy and have been planning to create a more relaxed and unrestrained blog.

Last night, I made a new one.

To everyone who has read this blog and has left some lovely, lovely, comments. Thanks.

You are all my friends. Feel free to add me in your friendster or facebook.

Or follow me where I stay fresh and lush in:

My Fridge


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