Saturday, July 26, 2008

blue light

Still couldn’t sleep after one yet long graveyard as I clocked two hours more than my 12 hours shift last night. Good thing it’s my day off and it’s a lovely Saturday morning. Which doesn’t make any sense really as any random week day is fantastic as long as it’s my day off, to be quite honest. Well, aside from the fact that Subway’s £1.99 ‘Sub of the Day’ today is beef. I have to say it’s a greasefest already equivalent to my one week calorie requirement, but what the hey. It’s all about the jalapeños, baby. And I had zero calorie points last Saturday to make up for.

Grilled scallops with carrots and asparagus. Not so sure about the caviary pink fish roe mess though.

The reason for the two hour delay trip to the ever so lovely land of nod was the fact that by six o’ clock this early dawn, I was sitting at the back of the ambulance with all the liquids – what remained of the uninteresting shabby cuppa tea swirling in my gut space as it blue lighted (I would imagine more than 90 mph) it’s way off the motorway to London. I had admitted a patient from Accident and Emergency last night – a 60ish gent with subdural haematoma and cerebral contusions according to scans taken off his head.

A proper Level 3. Score we give to intensive care patients depending on how many organ failures they have equivalent to how often you have to run round the store cupboards like a headless chicken rummaging for wires and monitoring equipment to keep you interested.
Quite often the gizmos work, but other times they just become random number generators producing randomly generated algorithms i.e. the machine is telling you that patient is really dry and needing lots of fluids when obviously overloaded. Sorry Asimov, but sometimes Artificial Intelligence is just shite.

To be continued. I got a party to attend to this evening.



Blogger Keith, RN said...

Just discovered your blog through a link on Mediblogopathy. You have now been blogrolled on my blog and Nurse LinkUp!

Cheers, and I'll stop in again!


8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Darn - that scallops dish looks so tempting. I love scallops - they're quite pricey here :)

3:21 PM  
Anonymous FINCH said...

now i'm starving :D

5:30 AM  

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