Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm bored.

I peeked into my girlfriend’s email last night, and this is the reason why I try to avoid being political lately. I could potentially destroy friends and family relationships.

On Sun, 9/11/08, ------------- < --------> wrote:
From: ------- --- < ---------->
Subject: Re: Bigger VenueTo: ----------
Date: Sunday, 9 November, 2008, 11:21 PM

Dear _______ ,
How could you read _________ ’s mind? Laughing out loud. Implying that I am mad and could lose my fingers typing long texts in my cellphone days on end, he asked why I haven’t just sent you an email.

I wondered for a while why you haven’t replied to my last text. I actually thought that you were offended by it. The evangelical school quip was a product of _______ ’s really cheeky wit. I already threatened him of severe punitive guilty conscience if for that reason (naughty text), our friendship is compromised. You may also take this (before you meet him) as a warning. Read: he’s got a really twisted sense of humour, even though he believes that he’s actually charming.

I am really taken with Obama. Not only that he represents what I believe are the better values: non-threatening foreign policy, a more inclusive domestic policy, tax relief for the less fortunate and therefore, not elitist.

I know. Your typical decent, higher earning, hardworking taxpayer couldn’t be asked to subsidize the ‘so-called’ welfare lazy stiffs. It isn’t difficult to convince some people especially during these times of financial difficulty that say, a pretty hard up single mother with lots of children, a non-english-speaking-trying-to-get-something-for-nothing-immigrant as a drain to the public resources.

Maybe it’s about time that Americans channel this bias towards the billions of dollars worth massive elephant – the bankrupt banks you doled your taxes into just recently. By the way, _______ corrected me that this is not just a recent phenomenon. He said that large US companies have been ‘helping themselves’ tax dollars in more questionable ways than those homeless gits just trying to get a warm blanket over their heads since Ronald Reagan. He asked me to copy-paste some of these:

$1.6 million in federal funds for McDonalds, in part to help them market McNuggets in Singapore from 1986 to 1994.

$278 million technology subsidies to Amoco, AT&T, GE, GM and IBM between 1990 – 1994 while they cut thousands of jobs and posted combined profits of $25.2 billion in 1994 alone.

$300 million tax deductions claimed by Exxon when they spilled 11 million gallons of oil into Prince William Sound.

Around forty-two Fortune 500 companies paid no federal income taxes from 1981 through 1985 until a minimum tax was forced on them in 1986.

Yes, it's pretty boring.

* ________ dumped a massive pamphlet in front me just in case he says you will ask for references but I thought it’s too geeky to even bother.

So, Obama hits the right spot for me. And to be honest, (laughs) you may also add that he is fit, dark, younger and better looking

( *Note: Dark here doesn’t mean she’s racist. I think she really likes tanned, dapper young men. I can’t speak in behalf of the Italian President in this matter though, LOL > howling. )

I’m still not convinced by the idea from your text that ‘God ordains leaders’ as this would automatically suggest that Hitler and such other horrid dictators as consecrated mass murderers. I have no issue with faith as it denotes personal belief rather than a dogmatic institution with divine power to control human destiny as in religion. Faith for me encompasses all the other positive aspects of a personal belief that promotes tolerance, free will, compassion, peace and harmony. You can call it Christian, Moslem, Buddhist, Rastafarian, whatever. I’m not comfortable with all the other negative bits that make you stick a lethal bomb up your ass and blow other people’s brain to smithereens. Having said that, _____ have just shown me verses from Exodus, Genesis and Leviticus that illustrates the use of terror and gory violence against gays, prostitutes, sinners, Egyptians and even newborn babies in the Bible, Yuck. Bloodshed makes me feel sick. That is why I hate his collection of horror movies, but that is beside the point. I’m not a huge fan. I don’t go to church often either. Nowadays, I merely believe that there is a God.

He calls me a boring-moderate-petit-bourgeois-trying-to-seduce-a-leftie-into-the-middle-pacifist. Whatever that means. I couldn’t understand what drives people into the left or right end of the political spectrum if there are really such silly things. He said that right wingers are uptight cold-bloodied arrogant bastards. I suppose lefties are then loose, unfaithful hot-bloodied love rats. I’m really confused. I’d rather stay in the middle as a lovely lukewarm moderate temptress.

God bless, _______ .

PS. He didn’t mean to call you a religious extremist. Although, he’s the one that came up with the rather lame ‘potions and spirits are healthier when moderately taken’ phrase. Thank God, we’re not mad.